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What’s the Difference Between OneDrive and SharePoint? – Instructional article – This post consistently drove traffic to the site via organic search and referrals, and comments showed me how informative and helpful the piece was.

Workflows in Action: Georgetown Day School Depends on BetterCloud for Cloud IT Automation and SecurityCase study – This case study was crucial for supporting a new product launch, supporting both sales and marketing efforts.

3 Things We Love About Microsoft’s Focus on Innovation – Longform blog post – Coming to a Google Apps-based organization from my previous role at Microsoft was challenging but fun. It’s reflected in this piece.


Portfolio / Selected Pieces

Case Studies

State of Colorado Saves $100,000 With BetterCloud – I wrote this case study without conducting a formal interview; instead, I used recordings of calls and articles written for other purposes in order to cobble together what became a key piece of sales collateral.

Upserve Relies on BetterCloud for Cloud IT Solutions – This case study is typical of those I wrote about customers, highlighting their usage of cloud office systems.


The Ultimate Guide to Office 365 – This 20-page guide was originally available only via a form, and helped generate leads for the business.

The Ultimate Guide to OneNote – Following in the footsteps of the Office 365 guide, I wrote the copy and compiled the resources/links for this download.

Instructional Posts

Note: these short pieces (as well as many above) were originally published on my company’s now-defunct content marketing site, 365ninja.com, written strategically to capture leads in the Microsoft Office ecosystem. While the site has since been merged into another blog, the stats I cite below are from the original incarnation of 365 Ninja, live from November 2014 to April 2016. 


  • How to Delete an Unwanted Blank Page in Word – I wrote and recorded this upon discovering how frustratingly difficult it is to get rid of blank pages in a Word document, and there wasn’t a single simple solution. The post went on to become by far the most visited page on the entire site (including the homepage), with 15% of overall pageviews and 23% of all organic search traffic in the final month of the site. The featured video got 150,000 unpaid/unsponsored views in less than ten months from publication.
  • 10 Tips and Tricks That Will Make You a OneNote Ninja – This listicle-style post was consistently in the top ten most-visited pages on the site, and garnered the all-time most referral traffic of any post.
  • What to Do When Your Office Application Won’t Open – This basic troubleshooting piece represents a common technique I used to engage readers and serve their needs: I corralled many pieces of disparate information, and combined references to existing content with my own clear step-by-step instructions (including a video I created and edited).

Microsoft Office tips & tricks:

Listicles, compliations, and other articles:

Assorted Freelance

Misc / Personal

How to Move to New York City Without Losing Your Savings or Your Mind – Personal essay – After living in the city for two years, I wrote up some of my best advice for keeping your head straight and your bank account padded while you’re pondering (and executing) a big move.

How I Work From Home Happily – Not as easy as it may seem.

An Understanding of Next IT IVAs – I wrote this piece a little earlier on in my career, and I have always liked it (despite the uninspiring headline, which I did not choose).