Kicking off summer

I haven’t written anything (besides for over a week) and the last thing I wrote was about sparkling water. Not sure if that’s sad or perfect. Let’s go with the latter.

Memorial Day weekend is winding down and it’s been lovely for me, if uneventful. I spent some time here and there–Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester–and it’s hard for me to believe that this weekend finishes off four months in NYC for me. A third of a year! This crazy diamond of a city is still shining on for me, no luster lost after these months. The regular drudgery of my life still hangs around, sure, but things like spotting the Empire State Building between the trees as I walk home make up for it a bit.

While Memorial Day weekend kicks off summer in spirit, there are 25 days until real summer and I haven’t made much progress on my spring goals. I should be able to accomplish 2 or 3 at the very least within the next few weeks. I just may have to get started on a list of summer goals. Or perhaps a list of before-it-gets-cold-again goals.

I’m off, but I’ll leave this Instagrammed snap of the Williamsburg Bridge from my long walk last weekend. Ahhh…



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