Things I love about NYC: carbonated water

I spotted this Slate article, A Taxonomy of Carbonated Waters, and it immediately made me think of how awesome it is that in NYC the sparkling water flows free. Er, rather, it appears in many varieties at every little convenience store and grocery.

My Diet Coke habit is fierce, and to prevent myself from drinking it all day long, I like to occasionally substitute carbonated water (with nothing added but natural flavor) so I at least get that part of the experience. Living in the Northwest, my bubbly water options were pretty much limited to Talking Rain and La Croix. Good options, but the flavors are not extensive and there was rarely a single-serve option to grab at the gas station or whatever. Here, though, there are always multiple single-serve options, in 20-oz bottles or 12-oz cans, and even though I still find myself opting for Diet Coke sometimes, I am keeping pretty well hydrated.

My favorite kind of carbonated water to get around here that I haven’t seen in other places I’ve lived is Polar:


Their seasonal flavors are amazing – actually, all their flavors are pretty good, and satisfying for being sans sweetener – and I can get their liter bottles at a little place down the street.

It’s such a little thing, but enjoyable stuff like this adds up and reminds me why I’m happy to live in this city.


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