Spring NYC to do list

Spring is springing here in NYC! It feels like I blinked and the snow was gone, so even though it was undisputedly a hard winter here in the city (and I only experience the latter half…ish), I think these balmy temperatures will help us forgive Mother Nature. Kind of like what they say about giving birth?

Playing tourist in my own city is always fun for me, especially living here now, where there is never a lack of activity and sights to see. Here’s my to-do list for the next couple of months:

1. Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I’m reeeeally in the mood for surrounding myself with plants and birds and buzzing things, and I’m just a short public transit ride away from 53 acres of that.

2. The High Line. It’s ridiculous that I’ve never been here, because it’s right up my alley! Reclaimed green space, yummy snacks, strolling along in the city – love.

3. Drinks at a rooftop bar. Soon, please. I need an ice cold citrusy drink in my hand while I gaze upon the twinkling skyline lights.

4. Get a library card. Okay, this one has nothing to do with springtime, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do. And it’s somewhat fitting, because then I can grab a couple books and wander down to the park and read in the sunshine.

5. Run a 5k. I almost don’t want to add this here, but I’ve been tentatively running again – very, very slowly, and with a slightly modified stride that seems to be saving my feet. I’m really out of shape right now, but being able to enjoy jogging a little bit feels like reconnecting with an old friend. Who knew.


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