Don’t play Candy Crush

No, seriously, don’t. If you haven’t started, don’t.

I can’t remember when I downloaded this stupid game – sometime over the summer, I guess? – but I swiftly realized it was not a good idea for someone who succumbs to, let’s say, digital bad habits, such as myself. There’s a reason this game is making hundreds of thousands of dollars per day: because it’s reeeeaaally addictive!


(me winning a level I’d been stuck on for awhile)

The thing that bothers me the most about Candy Crush, I guess, is not that it’s addictive but that it’s not free. Yes, it looks like a free little time-wasting game, but to progress through the different “episodes” of the game you either have to pay $0.99 (not much, but there are lots of episodes) or connect the game to Facebook and bug your friends to help you through. I am a little ashamed to admit I have spent several dollars getting through the gates of the game rather than send messages to people I don’t know very well to help me.

But the addictive quality is also pretty strong. There’s lots of posts already written about what makes it this way (graphics, quest format, varied levels of difficulty) so I won’t rehash all of that, but let me tell you, when you find yourself changing the time settings on your phone, you know you’ve gone down the rabbit hole a little too far. (Skipping ahead two hours is my recommendation… except, wait, I mean, don’t play!)

Candy Crush, I wish I could quit you.



2 thoughts on “Don’t play Candy Crush

  1. Edmund O'Neill says:

    What, specifically, about the game not being free bothers you? Its creators need to get paid. You clearly are using it a lot. Why NOT pay the price of one Starbucks drink to play for hours on end?

    • Rachel says:

      Of course I want the creators to get paid for an entertainment service I’m using. What bothers me, I suppose, is that I didn’t understand the pay structure when I started playing, like – and I’m not saying I would expect to see this, but – something that said, “your first 10 levels are free but you’ll have to pay $40 by the time you reach the end of the game.” I may not have started playing if I understood that. That’s a lot of Starbucks drinks, and I have other stuff I can be doing for free.

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