WA -> NY -> FL

I just landed at home in Seattle from two weeks in New York – well, two truncated weeks, I should say, surrounding a long vacation weekend in Miami with my cousin, her husband, and his best friend/my boyfriend. I’d only been to Florida once before, for a friend’s wedding in Jacksonville a few years ago, and the southeastern tip of the U.S. is certainly a lot different than the northwestern corner where I usually hang out. It was lovely! The weekend was whirlwind of mojitos, taxi rides, Pitbull songs, palm trees, and decadent dinners – usually, those things all experienced within the course of an hour. I’m sure I’ll be back sometime, as we stayed at the apartment of my cousin’s gracious in-laws (allowing us to spend our dollars on those decadent dinners, plus a boat trip around Biscayne Bay).


It was something of a working vacation – I took only about eight hours off of my regular schedule over the course of those two weeks – so I didn’t get to do much sightseeing or friend-visiting in NYC like I’d hoped, but I don’t take for granted the opportunity I have to leave home, spend time with my loved ones, continue to work, and sleep (and often eat) for free.



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