I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. This week a fast-paced project completed, for which I had been the primary editor of hundreds of PowerPoint slides that needed many, many changes. The copy editing is simple enough for me, but making graphical changes and meeting brand standards on that many slides was a marathon effort that I’m proud of. There were a couple bleary-eyed evenings where I could be found hunched over my desk, claw-like hand gripping my mouse, meticulously selecting dozens of shapes and changing their sizes and outlines and fill colors, over and over and over. Needless to say, PowerPoint and I are pretty close friends these days. Sometimes too close.

In other news, summer is ending and I am perpetually feeling like I spend too much time watching trashy TV and washing my dishes and sitting in traffic and not nearly enough time writing and taking neighborhood walks and going to museums. This is a central conflict of my life, though (the “what-should-I-be-doing”), and not particular to summer. But seasonal changes always cause me to evaluate my decisions, big and small.

I had a nice post partially written about summery date ideas in Seattle, but alas, I made the tragic error of jotting it down in Notepad, and my computer died and it was lost. Now that September is looming, I wonder if it’s worth it? But I do want to document some of the cool stuff I did this summer, and some of the things I wish I did. I think it’s still worth it. I certainly don’t have any winter date ideas, except perhaps sit in a pub and/or your living room while it rains and grumpily sip wine, or your beverage of choice.


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