Summer in Seattle

I’ve been living in Seattle for over a year now, just about. I signed my lease on July 15 and brought over my furniture from Spokane a couple weeks later (or rather, my trusty best friend drove the U-Haul for me since I was too chicken). In the last year I have:

  • Learned some of the ins and outs of working as a vendor/contractor for a Big Giant Software Company.
  • Reconnected with old friends and begun new relationships, and cheered on friends as they got married, left marriages, had babies, wanted babies, bought houses, and all the other things that must mean we’re really adults, these days.
  • Lamented the endless winter rain.
  • Totaled a car I loved (via deer murder-suicide attempt on I-90) and purchased a car that’ll get me by.
  • Walked dozens of times around my lake.
  • Settled in, fostered contentment, and opened myself up to future possibilities.

Now we’re midway through July, and as I say often, nothing beats summer in Seattle. My next few weeks are going to be busy busy busy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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