Looking Out


My living room is where I spend the majority of time in my apartment. I’m at my desk in a corner of the room for 8 hours at least, most days, and I flip my big fancy monitor around sometimes to watch Netflix while I lounge on my couch or loveseat. I talk on the phone and read in here, sometimes, and even being in my little closet-like kitchen is practically like being in the living room.

So – the big window here in the living room is an important factor in my daily life. I look through it for hours and hours a week. I watch the weather and the traffic and the neighbors walking their dogs and jogging and going to work.

I was trying to think of an adequate metaphor for my living room window and the first thing that popped into my head was, “It’s like… my… window to the world!” Drrr. It unfortunately doesn’t provide me with sophisticated thoughts and writing ability, apparently.


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