Good Sportsmanship

I like to say that I’ve never been a huge football fan, but I enjoy hanging out with people who are. As a child, Sundays and Monday nights meant the TV was reserved for the game(s), and up until a few years ago, I always had to fight with the Super Bowl for attention over my birthday weekend. Even still, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually learned the rules of the game – and, shockingly, it’s a little more fun to watch now.

Football is a brutal sport, I know. I’ve read a lot lately about how our culture around athletics is dangerous – not even just culturally/ideologically, but actually physically quite dangerous for the athletes involved. It troubles me. I’m troubled any time there’s a tension between what our culture celebrates and the safety/security/well-being of the individuals involved. That seems to be happening a lot these days.

Nevertheless, I enjoy days like I had on Sunday, surrounded by enthusiastic friends and unhealthy snacks and beer and football on a big screen. I do hope we as a culture can lessen the danger to young men and women who participate in this sport.


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