Fast Paced

Yesterday and today were whirlwind busy days at work, heads-down on a last minute deadline that I am proud of myself for tackling. I emerged at the end of the day hungry and dehydrated and a wee bit cranky, despite the accomplished feeling. My rehabilitation included a Zumba class, a FaceTime date, some trashy TV, and a big glass of wine. Tuesday done.

I’d like to create some recurring topics or categories for blog entries I post here. I jotted down some general subjects in my first post but I want to streamline even more than that, which will hopefully also provide inspiration when I’m facing writer’s block – oh, I haven’t written anything in the “places I’ve traveled” tag lately? Might as well. <– that kind of thing.

Hey, did you know “hopefully” is now in the AP Stylebook with “it is hoped” as acceptable usage? We’ve all been using it that way for years, right? Now you know that the ol’ AP think’s it’s a-ok.

I’ll probably post here about language usage and grammar, interesting (to me…) things I come across during my job as an editor. Things I probably won’t post about? Specific details about my job, specific details about my love life, politics, religion, excessive complaints… well, I guess I can’t promise that last one. We’ll see.


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