Full Circle

I haven’t posted in three months, and in that time, much has changed. All the changing isn’t quite done yet, and as I am wont to do, I hesitated about posting until I was in a settled frame of mind. But if there’s any lesson I’ve learned over and over throughout my twenties, and yet never seem to truly learn, it’s that I shouldn’t wait. That mythical settled state may never come – probably will never come – and who knows what I’ll miss out on in the meantime, if I wait?

Here I am, sitting at Third Place Books at the north tip of Lake Washington with my new laptop (let’s not even talk about the cobbled-together electronics situation that I came to Seattle with) in a large common space that I haven’t been for… oh, about ten years? As a teenager I got pastries at the bakery and saw Sherman Alexie for the first time and crept over to the poetry shelves, and here I am again. The process of become re-acclimated to this area has been a minefield of introspection, for sure.

So yeah, I moved to Seattle.

Kind of.

I’ve been joking that I’m homeless and jobless, but that’s not really true (and you know, kind of trivializes stuff that people are actually going through). I still have my apartment in Spokane for a few more weeks, and I put a holding deposit down on an apartment that I already love. I was supposed to start my new job, at a Very Big Company who shall not be named, either part-time last week or on Monday, but I hit a snag with paperwork and have yet to start. Isn’t that dumb? I’m sitting around burning through my savings because my *paperwork* hasn’t cleared yet. But I’ve shown my face at the recruiting agency’s office, and the Account Manager and I physically tracked down the admin assistant responsible (at the aforementioned V.B.C.)  to see what the deal was. It seems like everyone’s doing their best to get me rolling, but until then I am feeling a bit like a lost sheep. I’ve been spending a LOT of time in my car (seriously: both Monday and yesterday I drove 100+ miles), coffeeshop hopping, and generally trying to grit my teeth and hold until things get… you know… settled.

I miss my coworkers, I miss my boyfriend, I miss my mom, I miss my apartment, but I’m slowly beginning to relax and succumb to the fact that this move is THE RIGHT DECISION – the speed at which it was made is something I’ll cover in another entry, perhaps – and soon enough I’ll be able to embrace the support system of friends and family I have waiting for me here (in my frazzled state I’ve been lying low, so to speak), tackle new challenges at my job, and settle in to a lovely new apartment. I’ll get there.


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