Tip-Toeing Around

I’m icing my feet for the second time today, alternating left and right, with a squishy ice-pack balanced on a couch pillow.


Let me tell you about my little friend, my little condition/injury/whatever. I’ve blogged most of this before, but not recently.

My plantar fasciitis began rearing its ugly, ugly head around this time two years ago. I immediately made an appointment with a podiatrist, who x-rayed my foot (at this point it was only in my right), showed me a wee heel spur just hanging out in there, and gave me some ideas for stretching, exercises, and shoe inserts. He also told me never to go barefoot. He also gave me a series of three cortisone shots into the side of my heel, under my anklebone. And I can honestly say that it was more painfully unpleasant and uncomfortable than getting a tattoo in the same spot.

I cut back on running that summer, which was frustrating because 2009 was the first year I really felt like I could run, and then started gearing up again in 2010. Same story, except the p.f. started making its presence known in both feet. Same story, I cut back on running.

Now, in 2011, I’ve probably run a total of 10 miles. Or less. This entire year. And my feet still hurt EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY.

I know I have the wrong shoes – I dropped over $100 on a pair of super stable Brooks that the local running store recommended to me, and my feet have gotten worse since then. Grumble, grumble. But what do I do? I don’t have a bunch of extra money lying around to try all different types of shoes, and I’m really worried to try something that’d make the problem worse or permanent. (That’s what’s keeping me away from “barefoot-style” shoes… I’m scared!)

I also know that my stride itself is probably wonky. I heel strike. I just don’t know how to fix it! So I’ve thought of seeing an athletic trainer, but again, there’s the money issue. Is it the right path? I’m just not sure. Also on the table: massage therapy, acupuncture, etc. I do stretch and foam roll as much as I can.

But I want to run! I’d started to like running, something I never thought was possible.  And I just really, really don’t want my feet to hurt every day. Bahhhh.


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