my crazy Saturday night

I’m sitting where I usually blog from – the left cushion of my loveseat, cross-legged, laptop on lap, sipping a glass of red wine, while my dishwasher churns and clean laundry piles on my couch. It’s not always Saturday night when I’m in this position – I do like having a semblance of a social life, but these days, things are pretty… relaxed. Rather than see it as stagnation, I’m embracing it as motivation. (I might elaborate on that more at some point.)

Half a week of food tracking illuminated some things for me. I kept up the habit from Monday through mid-day Friday, when I decided to give myself the afternoon/evening off. This morning I tracked, and then just didn’t really feel like doing the evening, so I’ll try to get back to it tomorrow or the next day (since Easter brunch/dinner will be a bit hard to measure, but my mom always cooks balanced meals of whole foods, so I’m not super concerned).

Unsurprisingly, my eating and exercise suffered once I stopped tracking. DUH.

It was good to see and acknowledge it in action, though. I’m feeling pretty self-aware right now, which was is one of my purposes in practicing the habit. I’ve been reading Women, Food, and God, adding to the self-awareness. I don’t find the book earth-shattering or particularly profound so far, but it is lighting up bulbs all over the place for me. Lots to think about.

Other observations from tracking this week:

  • Things just go better for me when I don’t drink. Food-wise, exercise-wise, work-wise, self-esteem-wise. But I do like a big juicy glass of red after work, a frosty hefeweizen on a Sunday afternoon on the patio, a lime-infused vodka soda while dancing with friends. Yes indeed. Moderation in all things is important, especially with alcohol, especially for me. I just need to figure out how to make that work for me.
  • I eat too much sugar. This I know. But Becca made reeeeaaally good chocolate chip cookies this week (due in fact, she figured, to a new brand of flour purchased at good ol’ Costco).
  • Sparkling water with citrus helps offset the alcohol thing. Fruit and gum help offset the sugar thing. Wait, doesn’t alcohol turn into sugar in your body or something? Oy.

I think I’ll end this post on that note. Sugar and booze. If I can conquer those two things, I’ll be back in my old jeans in no time. Fingers crossed.


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