Seattle Weekend


I spent Friday-Sunday in Seattle – or, I should say, the greater Seattle area – visiting family, meeting high school friends for breakfast, meeting a college friend for coffee, and most importantly attending the wedding of Lacey and Markus, a lovely pair of people who I’ve gotten to know over the past few years through work and school connections.

Somehow I put nearly 800 miles on my car. The Spokane to Seattle drive is less than 300 miles – I think around 275? My driving adventures went something like this, you know, with some liberties:

But it was good. It’s a good time in my life to remind myself that I like big cities, that even the sea of concrete and metal of I-5 doesn’t frustrate me too terribly if I can find a good song on the radio and an expertly-made latte at the end of my journey.

L&M had a lovely, classic wedding and reception – of course they did! Exciting weather, a distinguished old church, the company of good friends, some of the best reception speeches I’ve ever heard, and not one but two Justin Bieber songs for dancing: ’twas a very good time.

I was thinking about how, growing up, I didn’t have a lot of models around me of solid, loving relationships. This is no secret. It’s not that I had nothing; I have some great aunts and uncles in wonderful marriages, and my mom taught me a lot. But as I get older, more and more of my friends are making lifelong commitments and I’m realizing that I can look to them for models of what good, solid relationships should be. Isn’t that cool?! It’s such a gift. And almost makes me want to stay single for a long time just so I can learn. Almost.


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