New Chapters

It’s a usual Sunday night for me – finishing up laundry, throwing together a lunch for tomorrow, watching Celebrity Apprentice, and sipping a glass of red wine. I have a busy week ahead, with a day trip to Seattle to train, a few other work projects to finish up, and heading back to Seattle on Friday for Lacey and Markus’s wedding. I can hardly believe it’s March, turning into April.

Tomorrow, Monday, brings a new chapter at work. Not an unexpected one, but new nonetheless. My coworker of almost four years (and dear friend of several more on top of that), Becca, is leaving our little corporate world to prepare for grad school, and generally pursue a life that makes her happy.

I’m sure I’ll still scurry over to Matt and Becca’s apartment a few times a week to watch their TV and eat their food, but my work life will be different. Becca and I had shared an office for the better part of the past year, and collaborated on a few projects, as well as bugging each other with questions (and… erm… silly links and Scramble games) on a regular basis. It’s with a healthy mix of happy-for-her, bummed-for-me, and a wee bit o’ jealousy that I bid her adieu on Friday night, after a rollicking happy hour turned bar crawl with coworkers.

But then Saturday night I went over to watch a few episodes of X Files, and left a granola bar wrapper on her ottoman. So, it’s not like this chapter is going to read thaaat differently for me.


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