I didn’t quite intend to write about a tough subject and let it go for a long non-blogging stretch, but so it goes. I’ve been in Hartford, Connecticut for a week, training one of our clients on a new process that should help them maintain/improve their project better. That makes it sound like a pretty routine training, but it was actually somewhat nerve-wracking, because we hadn’t gotten the details of the process in place until… oh, a few minutes before training began. Always an adventure.

This is the fourth time I’ve been to Hartford, I think, and the longest. The last time I traveled there was June, and it was a 36 hour trip, or somesuch. I flew across the country, did a half-day presentation, and flew back – a whirlwind for sure. I remember very little, except extreme humidity.

Hartford isn’t my favorite city I’ve visited. I don’t think I’d like to live there, really, but it’s not so bad. I like a city with more of a downtown culture, but of course there’s a lot you don’t see when you’re just traveling for business. One amaaaazing perk of traveling for business is that I don’t have to worry about paying for food, for the most part. Here are some of the places we tried:

  • Trumbull Kitchen – A good place for a business dinner as well as a date (I assume, as I’ve of course been too busy with the former to try the latter!). I had a “stone pie” pizza, which had really delicious crust, and my coworkers seemed to really enjoy their entrees as well. We actually dined here on our first night as well as stopping in for appetizers a few days later with clients – the apps were only so-so, and the service during the happy hour rush was lacking, but our first night dinner was recommendable for sure.
  • Agave – Guacamole made at our table and a chili-infused margarita: all I needed after a rough day of training. Their rice and black beans are pretty yummy, but the enchiladas were only so-so. I’d try a different entree next time… or just stick to the chips and salsa + guac.
  • Black-Eyed Sally’s – I was a little full on appetizers by the time we got here, but the food was great – I had the pulled pork sandwich, with some amazing fried slices of potatoes and flavorful coleslaw on the side. If I’d been less full I definitely would’ve devoured the cornbread. And the live blues was a welcome break from small talk for my tired coworkers and me.
  • The Counter – the make-your-own burger gimmick worked for me, but I wish I had known that choosing the chicken option wasn’t a chicken patty, but rather a chicken breast. Definitely would’ve chosen the turkey burger otherwise. But the options were really fun. Gotta love green chilis on a burger.

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