I am what you would call “a slow runner.”

In September of 2008, after I had lost 10 pounds or so from my highest weight ever and was generally trying to embrace a new, healthier lifestyle, I ran a mile straight for the first time in years. Years. And it took me about 12 minutes.

I kept exercising, and kept running, and eventually ran a 12k in 78 minutes, something I am very, very proud  of. Around that time, my plantar fasciitis started flaring up, and it hasn’t gone away (despite effort on my part!), so I don’t run very often anymore. Which makes me sad, but having to walk on tip-toes because of heel pain also makes me sad.

My comfortable mile time right now is around 11 minutes, maybe 11:30, and I’m not in running shape enough to go very far. The other day I in a bad mood and just felt like running, so I finished a treadmill mile in 10:04, my lungs burning and chest heaving when I was done. It felt wonderful, albeit exhausting.

The fastest mile I’ve ever timed myself running, in my entire life, was a 9:46 treadmill mile, sometime in 2009, I believe.

So: I am a “slow runner.” I also subscribe to Runner’s World (via a gift from a dear friend), and while I still love the magazine and think it is full of fascinating articles and useful tips, I was a liiiittle bit put out by the above tweet. Sure, I can take a joke and god knows I’m self-deprecating about my own fitness follies, but it’s also really easy to get intimidated by the “fast runners” and to know that some of them are chuckling over being rude and gross while passing me by – well, it hurts my feelings! I’m doing my best back here.

Buuuut as someone else pointed out, the original tweeter only said slowER runners. I guess everyone is faster than someone. So there you have it.


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