winter storm watch

How boring are entries about weather? Boring, right?

But I just can’t deal with this cold and snowww anymore. I can’t! I am constantly underdressed for the cold, because even though I have a pretty decent wool coat, I don’t have good waterproof shoes/boots or long underwear or anything like that, because every year I’m like, Well, I probably won’t live in this climate for that much longer, so I don’t want to make the investment. My fault reasoning has resulted in me being constantly cold, unless I’m in my apartment, where I guiltily run the heater constantly despite utilities bills that are rather ridiculously high for a single person in a small one-bedroom.

Someday I’ll find a place to live that’s 70-75 degrees and sunny for 10 months of the year, with maybe a three-day stretch of rain every month and a half, and a snowy but not-too-cold November and December. I’ll find it, I tell you!


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