Lazy fried rice

The subject line is exactly what I Googled to come up with this recipe. I bought a cheapie rice cooker the other day and I decided it needed its inaugural voyage tonight. Great success!

I’ve never attempted making fried rice at home before, because it’s not one of my favorite foods and it always seemed kind of tricky. I can’t say that what I made tonight was exactly fried rice, but it was pretty darn good. While my brown rice was steaming away in the cooker, I chopped up some green pepper and started browning some ground chicken (jalapeno chicken sausage from Huckleberry’s, out of its casing). Threw the pepper and some frozen shelled edamame in with the chicken, and as soon as my rice was done, I poured a whisked egg over top and mixed it up and left it on the warm mode. A few more minutes for the chicken & veggies, and I transfered the rice & egg to my pan on the stove and “fried” it for maybe two or three minutes. Topped with some soy sauce (the meat is already pretty flavorful), and it made a really yummy and VERY easy meal!


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