I Ran

Hollaaaaa! I ran today! And I feel pretty damn amazing about it!

On Thursday I had kind of a rough workout at the gym, namely because after six minutes on the tradmill my heel was aching so badly that I had to stop running. And I was very, very disheartened. After getting my new shoes (Saucony Stabils), I’ve been running, cautiously and steadily, and it’s been pretty pain-free. On Thursday, not so much.

This morning I woke up in a bad mood, partly because I had a night of too much sugar/fat/wine, partly because I’m having some yucky issues with my personal computer that I can’t fix by myself. After moping around the house until nearly 3 PM, I decided it was time to lace up my new sneaks, power up my new Garmin, and get out of the apartment! It was mid-40s and sunny out, another beautiful mild day. Can I just say how weird it is that we’ve had barely ANY snow in Spokane so far this winter? It’s very weird. 40 inches of snow fell in January 2008. By this time last year in 2009, 80.7 inches of snow had fallen in Spokane. Last month? 1.4 inches of snow. I’m not complaining!!!

So I set out, ran downtown and around the park a little bit, watched the ice skaters on the outdoor rink, and thought I was done. But then I switched my Garmin back on and kept going. It was sort of a Forrest Gump moment:

“I just felt like runnin’!”

I know it might not be much to other people. I know it might not be that fast. But that’s the longest I’ve run since June, and even so, I’ve only run more than four miles at a time (I had a 5 minute break or so, but I figure it still counts) only a handful of times. And after really screwing up my heel last spring with plantar fasciitis, and basically giving up running for six months straight, it felt amazing to run that long and that far. It was certainly a challenge, and yes, my foot required a lot of icing before and after, but I’m optimistic.

Sigh. Wow. Running is freedom. RUN!


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