Everything’s Bigger…

…in TEXAS!

Greetings from Houston, everyone. I’m here for a training I’m leading for one of my company’s clients, and I was a bit bummed about this trip at first because I have to be here for six whole nights, and my birthday was yesterday, and I just wanted to be at home. But the trip is going really well so far. One of the clients even made me a birthday cake! And I’ve barely worked on this project!

Speaking of cake, I’m having a really hard time keeping my diet under control this week. And last week, apparently. I was all excited to post my biggest loser numbers, but then I had a gain of 1.3% or so and it bummed me out so I don’t wanna post anymore :( I won’t be able to weigh in on Friday since I’ll still be here in TX, but I’m kind of glad I have two weeks before I have to have any numbers recorded. Ugh. I think I need to do some sort of detox next week. Unfortunately for my waistline (but fortunately for my tastebuds), I’ve had absolutely delicious food here so far, and I have a hard time being moderate. So it goes. I’ll figure it out.

But lo! It has been hovering near 60-65 degrees so far here, which is absolute paradise for a sun-loving northwesterner like myself. I even managed to go on a little walk/jog around a nearby downtown park:

Erm, this post is now reminding me that I haven’t posted about my injury (note wrist brace above) or my new fitness accessories… well… next time!


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