An Incomplete List

Some health and fitness accomplishments from 2009:

– broke an 11-minute mile for the first time since 8th grade
– and then broke a 10-minute mile (9:42) for the first time in my life
– lost 11.7% of my body weight in ten weeks to take second place in a biggest loser-style competition at work
– learned to love baked tofu
– joined a running club
– starting bringing oatmeal in a thermos to work every day for breakfast
– finished my first all-running road race, Bloomsday @7.46 miles, in 1hr 18min
– regularly shopped at the farmers market during the summer
– re-learned how to ride a bike
– rode that bike in a relay sprint triathlon, helping my team get to first place in our division
– made homemade almond butter
– completed a two-hour spin class on more than one occasion
– ate vegetables and herbs that I grew myself
– started foam rolling
– tripled the number of sports bras I own
– fit into a pair of jeans from high school

A pretty successful year.


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