Ack, another week has gone by with no posts from yours truly! I’ve been busier than normal (except this might become my “new normal”) like I wrote about recently, and on Thursday I came down with a yucky cold that I’m just now on the downslope of. I hate being sick. I know that no one likes it, but I swear I’m more incapacitated than the average person even with a mild cold. Hate it.

However, last week I started a little experiment wherein I challenged myself to not buy any food during the week. My fridge & pantry were stocked and I wanted to see if I could really take advantage of that, not just planning out my lunches and dinners but actually planning out everything down to the last bite – i.e. not running to Rite Aid for a granola bar before a workout, as I am prone to do! I thought this challenge was pretty smart because it would impact my finances, obviously, but also my waistline: since I don’t keep many “quick” foods/snacks around my apartment, it forced me to really think about what sort of nutrition I’d need for my daily activities and make meals and snacks that were more about good fuel (i.e. an Ezekiel muffin with almond butter a couple hours before a workout) than feeding lazy hunger (i.e. Cheez-its from the vending machine that wouldn’t even last in my tummy till the workout).

Now, I did pretty well with this challenge for two days – until two girlfriends & I went out for drinks and I bought a pint of Belgian pilsner and an order of the most amazing appetizer ever, Beer Buddies. Ah, well. Wednesday went pretty well, too, until I went to a two-hour spin class and was about to gnaw my arm off afterward, so I stopped by Pita Pit instead of waiting to prepare something until I got home (which was, actually, probably a good choice). And then I got sick. So, my life got in the way, and that’s actually a good lesson as well. Sometimes an idea and a little planning isn’t enough to carry you through – you need really excellent planning and a lot of motivation. Next time I try this (could be this week, actually) I’ll push a little harder.

Elsewhere in my health & fitness world… I seem to have gained a few pounds. I have only been weighing myself once a week lately, to avoid any mind games the scale might try to play with me (more on that later, maybe), and this morning I noticed a wee gain. It’s nothing to really worry about but I am still wondering where it came from. PMS bloat, maybe. Does illness make you retain water? Sudafed messing with me? Can my mucus alone weigh a couple pounds? It feels like it! Ewwwwww.

And so as to make this not just a text-only entry, here is a picture from when I was making tomatillo salsa with cayenne peppers – both things I grew all by myself in my garden. So satisfying! So fun!


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