I should be leaving for work in no more than 7 hours, but I can’t sleeeeeep because I took a nap after work today. I needed it! A crazy family-filled weekend, a looooot of time in the car and a lot of driving for me, PMS, and hardly any alone time – that all adds up to a very tired Rachel. (Who didn’t make 100% perfect food choices and didn’t do enough moving, by the by. But that’s another story.)

(Who also really wanted an oh-so-salty 430 calorie spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s after her nap! At least I had an apple instead of fries. Hehe.)

This weekend was my aunt’s baby shower – my mom’s second-youngest sister (she’s one of 10 kids!) is having her fifth child, and her first girl in twelve years, so you can bet there was a lot of pink! And a lot of delicious goodies as well:

Okay, if you insist, I’ll show the sweets first! One of my cousins made buttermilk spice cupcakes with vanilla frosting and my aunt added words to them – wishes that we gave for the new baby. I had half of one that said “smarts” – “arts” was left, which I felt was also a good wish!
Cannoli! Basically, these were brandy snaps filled with strawberry liqueur whipped cream. I had one – so good.
Cream puffs! My grandma used to say that these were one of the easiest things to make that drew the best reception – everyone is so impressed. One of my aunts made delicious vanilla pudding (with real vanilla beans) and another aunt (her hands pictured here) put them together. I had, um, a few.
Now here’s the appetizer area as it was getting set up. My aunt – who should really be a food stylist or party planner or something – set up a few really simple things that came together to look elegant and provide some good eats for the women who came.
Beautiful vegetable rainbow! Isn’t putting pretty veggies in cut-crystal goblets a wonderful idea? We had red, orange, and yellow peppers, snap peas, endive, cucumber, carrots, celery, cauliflower, and radishes. I tried to fill up as much as possible on these guys :)

The “bruschetta bar”: French bread toasts with (from left): mozzarella balls, chicken meatballs, bruschetta topping, parmesan cheese, crab dip, jalapeno artichoke dip, and arrabiata sauce. I tried not to eat too much bread, but I have a biiiiig weak spot for that jal-artichoke dip (from Costco). Man oh man.

So, it was a good weekend. I’m still practicing how to eat moderately and healthfully at parties, and I think I’m getting better at it. Finally getting tired – good night!

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