Look what I scavenged! Little apricots!

By scavenged, I mean I literally picked them up off the ground. See, there’s this big majestic apricot tree in the parking lot of a little dentist’s office at the edge of my neighborhood. I’m obsessed with this tree. There are so many apricots on it! But it’s pruned so that the first branches are probably 12 feet up – totally unreachable. I’ve thought of a bunch of different strategies to get the golden spherical beauties down, but none of them are really feasible.

The other day I saw one of the old Russian woman from a nearby retirement home shuffling along and picking apricots up off the ground underneath the tree. I figured, if she can do it, why can’t I? So yesterday while I was walking home from work I stopped, stooped down, and picked out three perfectly ripe apricots from the sea of those that had fallen and gotten smooshed.

It was really fun. :)


I wanted to clarify a little bit of what I wrote about Food, Inc. I think my attitude toward my personal choices is pretty normal. To sum up: while a lot of what I saw will probably affect a gradual shift in my eating habits and political behavior, I don’t always connect my day-to-day choices with the big issues that were presented.

The Stonyfield thing is a perfect example. While I wrote about how I’m not sure that big business is the ideal answer to a problem that basically originated with big business, that doesn’t in any way mean I don’t enjoy actually consuming their products! Haha. I love Oikos yogurt, for example, and buy it often. And there are plenty of other foods companies who I support with my consumer behavior whose business philosophies I don’t 100% support – that’s just how it goes.

Overall, though, I do think any documentary-style movie overgeneralizes (because it has to), and spins issues in a positive or negative light depending on its agenda.

But……. but! One important thing that I do think is going to change after Food, Inc.?


I won’t lie: I love these things. It’s so easy to pull out two or three, defrost, marinate, and grill. But after watching the information about the factory farms… the slaughterhouses… I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep blithely buying meat from my normal grocery stores without at least knowing exactly where it came from. And that’s something I could not find on this particular package, nor on the Western Family website.

I’ve already been researching sources of local meat in Spokane (apart from the farmer’s market, which only runs until October) and I’ve found some good info. I feel confident that I can replace a lot of my current buying practices with better ones.

Besides, look at this:

Pretty much, if I’m going to eat chicken, I’d rather it have little to no preservatives, come with minimal packaging, and certainly not have weird additives like CHICKEN FAT! Yeesh.

Feel free to agree or disagree with me about any and all of this!


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