Tina over at Carrots ‘n’ Cake is doing some awesome fridge photo posts while she’s on vacation, and I was thinking back to the first time I took a photo of my fridge and wondering if some of my habits are evident from it.

A few months ago:

About a month later (featured on CNC):

common denominators:
Organic Valley skim milk – a different carton, I swear! If you squint you can see the date, ha.
Mountain High plain nonfat yogurt. I use the stuff in a lot of different ways.
1-lb carton of strawberries. I go through these once a week during summer!
Coffee (espresso ground… but this was the same bag since I hadn’t been using it much, oops)
Egg Beaters egg whites
Ground flax seed hiding in the drawer
Muscle Milk I plan to drink once I get back into lifting again!
Bottle of Bailey’s :)

same stuff, different type:
Pasta sauce
Whole carrots

Also notable: I threw away an old box of veggie broth, which I do like using in lots of stuff but find I usually can’t finish a carton on my own before it goes bad, and acquired a box of white wine from Target.

I love blogging because I can keep track of things like this!


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