Rachel Makes Almond Butter (with a little help from Becca)

Onward, I say! Despite my ongoing battle against the melancholy, I’m still working hard on creating a healthy daily life and I plan to share it with all of you fine people. I’ve learned so much from the blog world – it’s only fair that I share! Here’s an example of something absolutely wonderful that wouldn’t have even occurred to me a year ago.

I was inspired by the simple goodness of this homemade almond butter on bella eats, but figured, as a single gal with an inconsistently stocked kitchen, that I didn’t have the appliance power to do it. Enter Becca! She and her fiance have a new-ish food processor and so kindly offered to let me use it last week.

After a quick perusal of a few different almond butter recipes we got to work with the whole roasted almonds and my choice of flavorings: vanilla extract and cinnamon. (Note my awesome Roshambo Winery t-shirt and also how my upper lip seems to have disappeared. Do I always smile like that?)

Almonds waiting to be PULVERIZED! Sorry babies.

See, many of the recipes I looked at indicated that a bigger food processor is better, and we had that covered. Also, it was only supposed to take a few minutes. But I’d say in total, we probably had the appliance on for thirty minutes (making two batches of butter).

Becca took over with her mad processor-scraping skills. And eventually we had…

Almond butter!!!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this here before, but I used to not really like nuts. Not such a big deal, but once I learned about their nutritional awesomeness, I started testing different kinds of nuts to see what I liked, and then started eating nut butter and liked it a LOT! On all sorts of different stuff. Since it’s a pretty new food group for me, I’m not super creative with it yet. But I’m glad I took this step into homemade stuff. I’ve never felt the urge to eat any sort of nut butter with a spoon… until now. I could eat it until I got sick, I’m quite sure. So so so SO good.

Try it! Start with Andrea’s recipe that I linked, or play around on Google and find your own version. I highly recommend.


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