I got a huge grocery haul at WinCo the other night! I was telling Becca about it and we were wondering if WinCo is just a northwest thing, but turns out it’s a little more widespread – stores in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California and Oregon. I was a little bit suspicious of them because their stores are SO big and their prices are SO good that I wondered if they could be as socially unconscious as a Wal-mart or something, but upon a little further research, it seems like a decent company that treats their employees fairly well. So I won’t feel any different shopping there than Safeway or something. However, they don’t offer much if any organic food from what I can tell, and that’s an issue I go back and forth on a lot. (What can I afford, what should I make room to afford, how big of a priority is it for me, etc…)

Both the Spokane stores are pretty far away from me, so I don’t make a habit of shopping there but yesterday I was in the area for something else, stopped in, and got some pretty awesome deals. All of this stuff, plus a Fitness magazine, for around $40.

12-pack of sparkling water, can of coconut milk, can of baby corn, parmesan cheese, dried cranberries, dried apple rings, dried papaya, oats, brown jasmine rice, whole roasted almonds
“stir-fry” beef, bagged baby spinach, bagged romaine, head of broccoli, kale, strawberries, apples, nectarines, yellow pepper, orange
so the pineapple says to me, “nice melons!”

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