Simple Summer Dinners

In the past year, I’ve learned a LOT about food and cooking. It’s not that I was totally uneducated before, but I certainly didn’t prioritize fresh, local, whole ingredients like I do now. It was like something I knew about but figured I’d get around to eventually. Well – I guess I did!

As long as they sell asparagus from central WA at the farmer’s market, I will keep buying it! The stuff is like candy. I roasted the remainder of last weekend’s batch with some olive oil and garlic (that I also purchased from the market). I think I added too much oil – note to self for next time.

Dinner! I like my tofu well done, what can I say? I sliced this batch VERY thin for optimal crispness. It’s like tofu chips!

Asparagus hiding in the back, marinated baked tofu and fresh snow peas stir-fried with red pepper flakes taking center stage. I loooove snow peas. I wanted to make a Thai dish with them but I didn’t want to delay even one more day before enjoying their deliciousness, so I’ll just have to get another batch at the market this weekend.


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