Like a Record, Baby

The one-hour spinning class is tough, hour-and-fifteen-minute spinning class is tougher, but the two-hour spinning class is another beast entirely!

Our awesome spinning instructor occasionally hosts endurance rides that extend way beyond the normal class times, and when I saw a sign posted for a two hour class this Wednesday, I was not particularly interested because I maybe had a personal training appointment and, you know, I like my life and limbs intact.

But then Trainer B. had to reschedule and so I thought, fine. I’ll try it out, even though I can think of a million excuses about why I don’t want to!


  • If a one-hour spin class makes you saddle sore, a two-hour spin class will make your ladybits very unhappy. At a certain point I had to go all mind-over-matter down there.
  • Check your pulse! Our instructor wanted us to stay in a certain range the whole time so we didn’t get overtired, and I had to adjust my gear and speed several times to make sure I didn’t get up in a crazy zone.
  • Eat, eat, eat. I made sure to have a hefty lunch (sukiyaki beef from the mall food court), a midafternoon snack (Larabar and Wheat Thins), and some snacks during the ride itself (my first try of sport beans AND goo!), and I think all of those choices let my energy stay high for the full two hours.
  • Relatedly: WATER! I had, like, 50 ounces of water during the ride? After hydrating all day. And I still think I could’ve used more.
  • I’m a rockstar.

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