Ack, don’t even ask why I’m up this late! I’m trying not to think about how I should be at work in seven or eight hours, after getting ready for a long day and driving up the hill to feed Jack (my old roommate’s/my old cat – she’s out of town). Luckily this doesn’t happen very often; I go to bed “too late” quite often but it’s usually because I’m procrastinating, not because of insomnia! Let’s hope this nice glass of rosé does the trick.

Last night I made pasta caprese! I’ve been thinking about how I don’t make pasta very often anymore because I associate it with former unhealthy eating habits. In college, I didn’t think much of eating huuuuge bowls of pasta with tons of sauce and cheese – on a regular basis. One of those “I know I should eat more vegetables, but this is easier to prepare” type of meals. Ack.

But now I realize that pasta is not the enemy and is perfectly at home in a healthy diet if you do it the right way. I still just don’t make it too often, both because I don’t prefer it over a lot of things and because I don’t want to let myself get in the habit again.

White pasta is banned from my apartment, but I quite like whole wheat spaghetti noodles. I think they have a much more delicious flavor and texture. Look at that beautiful steam rising from the pot!

But look who was waiting for me in my colander when it was time to drain! Ah, summertime. Sorry, Mr. Spidey. He went down the drain.

The perfect pair: chopped fresh basil and fresh mozzarella cheese. Hopefully soon I will have fresh basil growing in my garden! I used to think I didn’t like mozzarella cheese, because I associated it with string cheese (not my fave) and cheapo frozen pizza (yuck). But fresh mozzarella? Ohhhh yum. This isn’t even the high-end stuff, and it’s still delish.

What a lovely late spring/early summer meal! A light dusting of salt and pepper and I was perfectly satisfied with the fresh flavors. Ingredients make all the difference.



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