Grocery Blogging + My Fridge

I haven’t done this in awhile! After a day of feeling sluggish, over-sugared, and just all-over bleh, I decided to get a big haul of groceries to help me with my new resolutions. Which aaaaare:

No eating out until Bloomsday!
No soda until Bloomsday!

It’s gonna be tricky. The first resolution is not as important as the second one, because if something comes up like dinner with my mom or a work lunch outing that seems important, I’m not going to automatically say no. But my kitchen is stocked with enough good stuff that I should be able to prepare myself well enough to avoid a food court lunch or a fast food dinner.

But no Diet Coke from our stocked fridge at work? Oy. It’s just for a week and a half, and hopefully by then my addiction will have eased a little bit.

Tonight’s wares:

Proof that I’m a responsible consumer: my cloth grocery bags!

The fruits and veggies: spring mix (to complement the baby spinach already in my fridge), broccoli slaw, strawberries, broccoli crowns, granny smith apples, green bell peppers, and a banana.

A couple drinks to help keep the diet soda urge at bay: “mango fandango” spritzer and some sparkling water. As you can see, just the carbonation is a big part of why I’m so addicted to pop!

And the rest: Ezekiel English muffins, egg whites, nonfat milk, almond butter, blue corn chips (a treat – I have a very ripe avocado sitting on my counter right now!), a couple Lean Cuisines, and some sausages to grill at Matt and Becca‘s later this week.

Then I thought you might want to see how I organize all these groceries! I’m really intrigued by the physical organization of food, an idea that was first introduced to me when I checked Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think from the library a few months ago. I don’t have my fridge and cupboards arranged as well as I’d like, but I think I’m getting there. Bear in mind that I’m a single gal with a big fridge. Here’s what I see when I open the door:

The butter on the top shelf has been sitting there since I moved in, probably. I just don’t use butter very often! Which I guess is a good thing. Then you see some drinks: iced tea, my new spritzer, a bottle of wine, a can of ginger ale. More spritzer is nuzzling up to my Clinique eye cream there too the left. Ha. Moving down, we’ve got some lemon juice, jalapenos, and chipotle peppers. To the right of that, peanut butter, almond butter, and some cherry preserves. And then the bottom shelf… holy sauces batman! Yeesh. There’s lots of salad dressing down there, as well as various condiments to spice up my food.

On my top shelf, we’ve got some espresso grounds and already-brewed espresso in a container, some tofu + kale leftovers, pasta sauce, and salsa. I try to keep my produce at eye level to remind myself to eat it! So on that shelf I’ve got some yogurt and all my good stuff. Down below, I’ve got the sparkling water, cheese, eggs, and meat. In my drawers I have barely anything – just some old Muscle Milk (saved for when I start lifting again), a bottle of Bailey’s, and some ground flax seed.

Showing my food feels strangely personal to me today. So judge away, but be nice! Back to Real Housewives, hope you all are well :)


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