Drinkers with a Running Problem

I accomplished a long-term goal yesterday!

And I’m still so excited about it. I’m not sure exactly when I heard about the Flying Irish Running Club for the first time, but it’s been around Spokane since I moved here. And for the past year or so, I’ve really wanted to be a part of it but felt really nervous about it!

All part of my mental running block, because the Flying Irish is a really laid-back and cool deal. Show up at the pub at 6 PM, walk or run a ~5K route, and then socialize and enjoy reduced-cost beer and burgers at the end. Nothing is presented as competitive or judgmental, but I was still scared, basically just worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up. There’s still a big part of me that sees myself as the plodding, chubby girl, huffing and puffing behind more graceful and athletic peers in any fitness-related activity.

But I’ve been working dang hard for the past nine months or so, and I know that a lot of people who I think are in great shape might not even be able to keep up with my workouts! I need to get over that inferiority complex. And what better way than to just jump in? After work, Becca and I headed the few blocks over to O’Doherty’s and met up with our friend Angela. Now, Becca is an amazing runner, with her twenty-minute 5k and four-foot-long legs (okay, I exaggerate, but dang, girl!), and even though she has graciously paced me on a couple outdoor jogs in the past, I didn’t want to hold her back. Angela and I are a little more physically similar (I am slightly taller and heavier), but she’s run two marathons in the past couple of years, has been running with the Flying Irish for over a year, and has some killer endurance! But we decided to run together, and matched each other really well, I’m guessing at about an 11-minute-mile pace.

The point here is that I DID IT! I ran 3.3 miles outside with a few dozen other people, and I wasn’t in last place and I even felt like I could run the course all over again! The three of us girls got some beer and a big plate of French fries to celebrate (ha!) and socialized with some of the other runners, who were all really nice and excited to welcome us.

A good Thursday night tradition has been established.


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