Gliding Calm Tofu

Tonight I decided to prepare tofu for the second time in my life… ever! Last week I tried some tofu from Gliding Calm’s blog but I was too hungry and tired to take pictures and make a post about it. But tonight after a bit of time at the gym I decided to document my dinner and share it with you all. Here are my step-by-step instructions for making Gliding Calm Tofu.

First, change out of your work clothes into something comfy:
Then, pour yourself a glass of vino and check the blogs:

Okay, okay. You don’t have to do those first two steps. But what can I say, I’m bad at transitioning between things. Let’s get on to the actual cooking.

Assemble your ingredients. Clockwise from the bottom: a bag of broccoli to steam, ginger powder, garlic salt, maple syrup, vegetable oil, sriracha, low sodium soy sauce, and red wine vinegar:
And duh, don’t forget your tofu. I let it drain under an old book from an English class. I knew I kept Chaucer for some reason! That’s tofu hiding there between my cutting board and ol’ Geoff:

Cut your tofu into about ten pieces and assemble on a greased baking pan. For the marinade/rub, I used about a tablespoon of each liquid and a quarter-to-half teaspoon of the powders (and the hot sauce). Instead of dipping my tofu in the marinade like I did last time I tried, I used a pastry brush to coat each piece of tofu, flip, and then distribute the rest of the liquid.
I baked my ‘fu at 425 degrees for about 40 minutes. In retrospect, I should’ve shaved a few minutes off the cooking time, but I like it crispy. I’m getting used to it. About five minutes before the tofu was ready, I steamed up my broccoli real quick and added it to the pan to get a little more crisp.
Now here’s my actual dinner! On the carpet ’cause I’m classy like that. Five pieces of tofu and broccoli with a little drizzle of Annie’s Gingerly Vinegarette dressing. It was a light dinner, but very yummy! On the side you see a few spoonfuls of fat-free plain yogurt, unsweetened pineapple, and cinnamon – a sort of weird combo I’ve loved since I was a kid.And for dessert I had five semisweet chocolate chips and a few dried cranberries. Are you kidding me? This satisfies me for dessert now? Yes, I did have a lot of sugar earlier in this day, but the fact that this “counts” as a dessert for me completely blows me away. (Oh, and some more wine…)

I even made a recipe on SparkPeople for easier tracking. Try it and enjoy!

Off to finish watching Biggest Loser (and bawling a little bit).


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