Long-Overdue Restaurant Review

When I went to Portland a couple weeks ago, I was really excited to try out some of the amazing restaurants they have featuring local, organic, or otherwise very healthy ingredients. My friend Rachel was in the middle of doing a big cleanse and slowly adding foods back, in order (I think) to check for food sensitivities and that kind of thing. So we headed to Vita Cafe, on the corner of NE 31st and Alberta in Portland.

As you can see by my menu above, the cafe offers some great dishes that are vegan and/or vegetarian. While I’m a meat-eater myself, I’m edging more and more toward a flexitarian lifestyle these days (something I’ll probably write about sometime soon) and I like having at least the option to get tofu or a meat-free dish.

I finally got to try Stumptown Coffee, and I have to say I liked the espresso I got the next day a lot better than this drip coffee, but it was not bad. The waitress asked me, “Cream or soymilk?” and I misheard her so just blurted out, “Okay!” She brought me both. Haha.

Rachel got some home fries, which were perfectly seasoned and the perfect amount of crispness, and a beautiful fruit smoothie. I had a taste of it and it was just like something I’d make at home (if I had a blender), but better. I think it had tofu in it, too, for a little more protein.

I had the hardest time deciding on what to have for breakfast!

After perusing the menu and vetoing the corn cakes after a lot of internal debate, I ended up with a classic breakfast, Portland-style. Scrambled eggs (but no Tabasco! I made do with some Frank’s Red Hot), two cute little chicken sausages, and some crisp beautiful French bread. I’m not sure what kind of bread they use, but it tasted like there was some cornmeal in it and it was delish!

With just one main little natural foods store here in Spokane, and only a handful of restaurants with more healthy dishes besides a salad or two, I have serious foodie envy of my Portland friends. But luckily, I get to go visit whenever my desires and finances allow me to.


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