I’m done!

With Biggest Loser, that is. Our ten weeks came to a close yesterday…

With a loss of 21.6 pounds, or 11.7% of my body weight, I pulled out a second place finish and won $100 and a heckuva lot of competitive and personal pride. It took so much hard work.

In those 10 weeks, I worked out an average of 6 days a week, for probably an average of 50 minutes each time. I’m pretty sure that I literally never went more than two days in a row without exercising. I tried to keep my calories around 1500 a day, though a bit higher on weekends. I drank a ton of water, limited if not nearly cut out refined sugar and flour, and ate a ton of fruits and veggies. There, those are my big secrets :)

So yesterday Lindsey, Becca, and I went to the Melting Pot, and shared two pots of cheese and one pot of chocolate between us, and each drank and embarrassing number of glasses of wine and martinis. Somewhere in the midst of all that I bought this pink beach cover-up for my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, one that I am that much more excited for now that I am a lot smaller and more in shape.

For the record, Lindsey, the first place winner, and I lost exactly the same amount of weight! 21.6 pounds each! But she started at a lower weight than I (than my finishing weight, even) and so her percentage was higher. And third place was right at my heels with a finish at 11.56% – phew. I’m glad he didn’t catch me.

Results, for a keepsake:

Initial Weigh-in: 184.6
Week 1 (1/9): 177.2 = 4.01% this week, 4.01% overall
Week 2 (1/16): 174.8 = 1.35% this week, 5.31% overall
Week 3 (1/23): 174.4 = 0.23% this week, 5.53% overall
Week 4 (1/30): 173.2 = 0.69% this week, 6.22% overall
Week 5 (2/6): 172.2 = 0.58% this week, 6.72% overall
Week 6 (2/13): 170.2 = 1.08% this week, 7.8% overall
Week 7 (2/20): 167.4 = 1.65% this week, 9.3% overall
Week 8 (2/27): 166.6 = 0.48% this week, 9.75% overall
Week 9 (3/6): 164.6 = 1.2% this week, 10.83% overall
Week 10 (3/13): 163.0 = 0.97% this week, 11.7% overall

Onward. Who knows what I’m capable of now?!


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