Tale of my Belt

I was feeling a little down on myself earlier, so I decided to write a post that I knew would make me re-focus on the progress that I’ve made over the past year. Focus on the positive!

A couple months after graduating from college (May of ’07) I noticed that none of my belts fit. I didn’t often wear a belt, and it took me awhile to notice that I’d gained weight in the first place, but around the same time I encountered an interesting conundrum that I think anyone with that lovely lower-belly fat has faced at some point (for the record, I didn’t really think of this until I was a size 14ish). Do you wear your pants so that the waist falls below your belly pooch, or so the pants bisect your belly, or perhaps even higher up, Mom jeans-style? Which is most flattering when you’re insecure about belly fat?

I never really figured out the answer to that question, but I do know that I started wearing my pants a bit higher up than before, both as a consequence of gaining weight and feeling uncomfortable, but also of getting older and not buying super low-rise jeans from the juniors department anymore. At any rate, I needed a belt to accomplish this pants-wearing style.

That fall I bought a crappy belt from a cheap clothing store that I wore for awhile, but shortly before leaving on my trip to Germany in March of ’08, I decided I needed to buy something nicer and got a reversible leather belt from Fred Meyer. I remember being mildly irritated that I had to get a size XL, but I’ve never had a narrow waist, so whatever.

The reason that I’m blogging about this belt is because it is wearing out and I’ll soon have to replace it. Not only that, but I’m outgrowing it… or whatever the opposite of that is, because it’s almost too big for me now!

When I bought the belt I had to wear it on its first, loosest notch. Perhaps that was an unconscious decision so I wouldn’t be allowed to gain any more weight, ha. While I was traveling for those two weeks, I walked enough that I lost a bit around my waist and was able to wear it on the second-loosest notch, but it wasn’t long until it was back to the first one. It remained that way until late summer; as you can see, that first notch got the most wear.

But gradually, I got to move in to the second notch… and then after awhile, that became too loose too. I remember buckling my belt and marveling at being able to wear it comfortably on the third notch in. It felt awesome, like real progress!

These days, I don’t really notice where I wear my pants, because my belly is much flatter. But I’ve gotten in the habit of wearing a belt (not to mention that all my pants are too big) and soon I’ll have to replace my old standby. In the past few weeks, I’ve started comfortably wearing my belt on its fifth-in notch, the tightest option. And it feels pretty fantastic.


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