My training workout with B. tonight:

– 3 sets of burpees: 15 times, then 10 times, then 5

– 3 sets of quick feet against the bosu ball for 60 seconds, alternating with 3 sets of squats on the upside down bosu ball, 15 times (last set of squats holding a 6 lb medicine ball)

25 push-ups (on my toes, not knees, with upper arms at least parallel to the ground at the bottom of the push-up)

40 full sit-ups… and then 40 crunches

100 squats holding an 8 lb medicine ball (standing over a bench so my butt had to touch it on the way down each time)

75 bicep curls with 7.5 pound dumbbells

– a 400-meter lap on the treadmill in 2:12 (bear in mind that my fastest mile lately was 11:05, and in the fall I could barely run a 12-minute mile)

– and then another 400-meter lap in 2:20

Did I mention that those crazy sets of push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and curls, were with no rest? B. said he wanted to give me a “test” to see how many I could do without stopping or getting help from him. At the start of that little challenge, I said energetically, “This feels like P.E. class!” While I was doing curls at the end, I said (literally), “You should run a prison camp.” He laughed and then took me to the treadmill.

Are. you. kidding. me.

I’m off to my couch for the rest of my life.


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