Oy, my sadly neglected workout blog. I didn’t write ONCE in July – I’ve barely written in a month! I’d love this to be something I can share with family and friends, but it’s a little shabby right now with the lack of posting, so let’s see if I can remedy that.

In my defense, I’ve been working out a lot. Actually doing instead of just thinking about it (or writing about it, for that matter). I LOVE MY NEW TRAINER. He pushes me wayyyy harder than I thought I was capable of – I chuckle a little bit looking back at my last entry. Little did I know what was in store! I’ve been doing more reps, more weight, and more rapidly increasing progress than I did last summer, by far. B.’s big thing is getting past one’s mental barriers, which he believes are just as strong as physical ones. I totally buy into that, but for some reason I hadn’t considered it as something that was at work while I was actually exercising. I mean, I have huuuge mental barriers when it comes to motivating myself to get up and GO to the gym. But once I’m already there, I figured I was set. He’s showing me that I’m a lot stronger and I have a lot more potential than my brain wants to admit to my body. It’s cool.

So that is what I’ve been up to. I need to kick up the cardio, since I’ve actually gotten BIGGER in the past month – that’s what happens to me when I start lifting without losing any body fat first. Boooo. I’m not a fan of this awkward stage and in the past it’s caused me to go off track, but this time I know I can push through it and come out on the other side (where my belt is looser).

A simple cold summer salad I’ve been throwing together a lot lately:
– a yellow pepper, chopped up
– a can of garbanzo beans
– a little container of grape tomatoes, halved
– juice of half a small lemon
– a quarter-cup-ish of apple cider vinegar (1/8 cup, I guess) and olive oil (1/8 cup)
– salt and pepper

Toss together and eat! Super simple, yummy, and filling.


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